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All Maovic products are made in Canada, with love and dedication, to ensure your family's comfort and well-being. Our pillows are made of canadian grown buckwheat hulls.
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  • Our story

    Maovic is a canadian brand specializing in children, adults and multipurpose nursing buckwheat hulls pillows. Maovic is a leader in the comfort and sleep field and a reference in the maternity and childhood world. Our brand was founded by Emmanuelle Dionne in 2014. When she became a mother, she followed her desire to offer what is most natural and comfortable to her children. In June 2021, Emmanuelle made a remarked visit to Dans l’oeil du dragon (Dragon’s Den french version), where people were moved by her story and fell in love with her products. By Spring 2022, drawn to new projects, Emmanuelle sold her trademark to Mini Totem to ensure the sustainability of Maovic's name. With both brands being in the same field and with Sophie Châtillon, founder of Mini Totem, sharing the same values as Emmanuelle, this evolution took place naturally. Emmanuelle retains production rights and will continue to present Maovic collections signed by her.
  • Our values

    At Maovic, we are proud to present items created and handmade with care, in Montreal. Our main material, canadian grown buckwheat hulls, make our pillows a sustainable choice. Using buckwheat hulls encourages the local agricultural industry and allows for a circular economy. Indeed, this part of buckwheat, contrary to the grain, is not used in the food sector and would otherwise be abandoned and thrown out. Dusted and used as pillow filler, buckwheat hulls are upcycled. Our great value pillows and covers are designed with loving care for your comfort, ensuring sweet and pleasant nights to you and your little ones.