Care and maintenance

Small change on our decorative covers

Small change on our decorative covers, starting with our 2022 collections. No more zipper on the side, it is now an enveloppe cover. The size of the cover has not change, it will still perfectly fit on the Maovic pillows you already have at home.

We also changed the zipper on our pillows so that children don't have access to the hulls inside. On all Maovic pillows sold after March 1rst 2022, there is no more pull on the zipper. It is not possible for little hands to open it. You will need a paper clip to move the slider, as shown here.

How to adapt my Maovic pillow

If you purchased a Maocic pillow before March 1rst 2022, please take the pull using small pliers, as shown here. Once the pull is taken off, your pillow will be safe to use and ready to be put into our new covers.

How to care for my Maovic products

White and decorative pillow covers

Maovic pillow covers are machine washable (washer and dryer). Empty them of the buckwheat hulls before putting them in the washer.  Wash inside out.

Buckwheat hulls

To refresh the hulls, simply put them under sun light. Heat will desinfect them.

Little mess on your pillow? Wash the hulls with mild soap, rinse thoroughly and spread them to dry completely before putting them back in the pillow.

To protect your children's pillows, our waterproof covers are the ideal solution!

Buckwheat hulls have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. After this time, they can be composted. Time to change your buckwheat hulls? Find them here.