Why choose buckwheat hulls?

Buckwheat hulls have many advantages. They have anti-dust mites and antibacterial properties and a nice and soft soothing scent. Add to it that the hulls shape help regulate temperature, bringing added comfort. They are ergonomic, offer good support and you can adjust the quantity inside your pillow according to your morphology. Unlike other pillow filling materials that need to be replaced rapidly, buckwheat hulls last for long. They simply need to be refreshed! When they have reached the limit of their lifespan (we are talking about ten years or more), buckwheat hulls can be composted. This makes our pillows a safe choice for our planet.

Your children pillows seem smaller than other brands. Why?

Our pillows measure 10 by 16 inches but don't look down on them. Their size is perfectly adapted to young children needs. We made several tests and this is THE size that little ones around us loved the most. What is so great about this pillow is that it will soon become an essential in our children lives. They want to carry it everywhere and, quite often, they resist a little less to bedtime if they can sleep with their favorite new pillow.

Around what age is it recommended to introduce a pillow in a child's bed?

Health Canada recommends that no loose items be added in a child's bed before 24 months, for security reasons. In light of this, our pillows are adapted to little ones from 24 months to 6 years old, according to their needs. Since every child is different, your best indicator is the one using the pillow. If you are wondering wether or not your toddler needs one, observe how he/she sleeps. If your child puts a blanket or a plush toy under their head when it is time to sleep, that would be a good indicator that it is time for a pillow, to ensure a good night's sleep and optimal comfort.

I would like to buy a Maovic pillow, but my baby is not 24 months old yet

Many of you purchase a Maovic children pillow for your own needs, because it offers a great lombar support when sitting at the computer, on the road or simply in front of the tv. It is also the perfect pillow to carry with you when traveling and on the plane because its small size is optimal for transports, without compromising comfort.

For little ones suffering from acid reflux, Maovic pillows are indispensable. Simply put it under your child's head and upper body to offer a good and stable inclination and thus help reduce reflux that are often a great source of discomfort. Our pillows are also often use on changing tables to make diaper changes more comfortable. They can also be used during supervised naps.

Are Maovic pillows waterproof?

No. Our pillows are not waterproof, which means that in case of a mess, runny nose or if the child wets its bed, the hulls might need to be washed. To prevent these problems and avoid the need to wash the hulls in the middle of the night, you can put a waterproof pillow cover between the pillow and the decorative cover. This cover is made of PUL fabric (the same fabric used for cloth diapers), which can help your child to have a good and dry night.

I received my pillow cover and it is not identical to the image on the website. Why?

The position of the pattern details may differ from the photos on our website. The color might also slightly differ, depending on your screen brightness.